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Song Bird - Box of 2 Lavender Birds

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Beautiful greys for this pair of Lavender Scented sachets, Made from liberty of London fabric, featuring Betsy and Junes meadow in Tana Lawn. The lavender drawer catches are are a great addition to any small enclosed space to keep them smelling fresh and odour free. They're also thought to repel insects and some can help to reduce mold and fungus from setting in to your closets and drawers. Lavender itself may help to improve sleep and has a calming effect. Following on from the success of our lavender fish, we have created these charming lavender birds. Handmade in our Nottinghamshire studio from Liberty Tana Lawn fabric, the birds are filled with fragrant lavender from Provence which lasts and lasts. Each bird has a button eye. These make a wonderful hostess present or gift for anyone who loves lavender. The drawer scenters come in a presentation box, so are easy to wrap and send in the post.

Box measures 16cm x 7.5cm x 2.5cm.